Version 2.4 GHz Leopard 2A6 1:16 BB / airsoft
June 7, 2013
RC tank Tiger II – BB – KAMUFLOW – Henschel tower
June 7, 2013

RC tank T34 / 85 – BB 2.4 GHz – GREEN


2.4Tank T34 / 85 on remote control 1:16 scale – AIRSOFT Combat System, 2.4 GHz Controller, Sound and Smoke Simulation, METAL TRANSMISSION


2.4Tank T34 / 85 on remote control 1:16 scale – AIRSOFT Combat System, 2.4 GHz Controller, Sound and Smoke Simulation, METAL TRANSMISSION

T34 / 85 scale 1:16, 2.4 GHz AIRSOFT version, metal gearbox, sound and smoke.


A faithful copy of the Soviet tank T34 / 85 .
The 1:16 scale model delivers a new dimension in the realism and sophistication of detail . The tank is equipped with a sound moduleand a smoke generator (a realistic simulation of engine sound and exhaust smoke as with a real tank). There are two powerful electric motors (8500 rpm) , the power transmits metal gears and the result is impressive handling on a flat surface as well as on the ground .You can also control the speed of the model on the controller . Except for optionsforward, backward, left, right in all directions , this model can rotate lightly on the spot .

Tank control is newly 2.4 GHz and allows you to drive several models together. This directly leads to big tank battles between models.The destruction of your targets is ensured by an airsoft system built into a rotating tower (320 °) , the controllable pitch of the cannonguarantees maximum accuracy when shooting .
The effective range of the tank is 25 meters . Normal plastic beads are used to fireBBs that are sold in toys or airsoft stores. On the approaching missile from the tank, a red indicator is placed on the tower . The tank is able to simulate the kickback force and jump backwards . The high-capacity 2000 mAh Ni-Mh battery ensures smooth tank operation with all its features for up to 60 minutes.

1) 2.4 GHz control
2) Shoots 6 mm balls 
3) Durable metal gearbox for better power transmission.
Powerful el. 8500 rpm engines. proportionate proceedings. 
5) 2000 mAh Ni-Mh battery
6) Sound module (engine sound simulation)
7) Smoke generator (smoke simulation from engine)


Tank T-34 became literally a symbol of World War II. Together with the Katyus Soviet rocket launcher or the German Tiger tank, the T-34 is surely among those machines whose names are also known to people who are not interested in war history. T-34 is often referred to as the best tank of World War II. This is certainly a somewhat simplified statement, but it only confirms the exceptional nature of this machine. At the same time, it was relatively small, and this legend was not a tiny one at all. More information about the history of the tank can be found here .

HUGHES, Matthew and Chris MANN. Tank T-34 .
British military historian and theoristSir Basil Liddell Hartabout T-34 dances wrote in his book,”Coarse, lacking coat from outside and even from inside. Their construction took little account of the comfort of the crew.The tanks did not have minor technical improvements and tools, which, according to Western experts, were necessary for steering, shooting and combat co-operation. On the other hand, the T-34 tanks had robust and well-shaped armor, powerful armaments, fast and reliable, which are the four essential features of a successful tank.



* RC T 34/85. Airsoft Tank at 2.4 GHz – Torro Edition
* 1:16 Scale
* 2.4 GHz Controls 
* Metal Transmissions 
* Metal Spring Suspension
* AIRSOFT 6mm Ball Shooter
* 320 ° Rotation Tower (160 ° Right / Left 160 ° ) 
* gun movement up / down
* strong el. 8500 rpm engines. proportionate proceedings.
* Smoke generator
* Smoke control (on / off)
* Sound module
* Sound control
* Speed ​​control
* Dimensions: approx. 50x18x17 cm
* High capacity battery 7.2V 2000mAh Ni-Mh with long life and service life
* Up to 60 min
. hr
* Charger 7.2 V – 400mA
* 2.4 GHz transmitter-8x AA batteries (not included)
* 1 bottle of liquid smoke
* 100 pcs of ammunition
* target
* stickers
* small parts / accessories /
* color: green
* weight: 5 kg with accessories
* !

note : from 14 years of age

The pack contains:

R / C TANK + accessories

  • Charger 7.2 V-400mA
  • 2.4 GHz transmitter-8x AA batteries (not included)
  • 1 bottle of liquid smoke
  • 100 pieces of ammunition
  • target
  • stickers
  • small parts / accessories /
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